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KLIA FireworksOn June 29th, 1998, the new RM9bil Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang, Malaysia - gateway to Malaysia and the region - was opened by His Royal Highness DYMM SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Ja'afar (paramount ruler of Malaysia) in spectacular style with pounding of drums, dazzling laser displays, a blaze of fireworks and skytracker high-beam lights tracing the night sky. Malaysia unveiled its sleek new airport, designed to put the Southeast Asian nation on the map in the new millennium.

At 9.42pm, after the King placed a replica of the airport traffic control tower on a globe on a pedestal, giant sparklers placed at the Main Terminal Building (MTB) lit up the sky, signifying the official opening of the KLIA (picture above). The image of a massively-lit "KLIA" sign flashed on the 120-m high air traffic control tower (the world's tallest) was beamed nationwide on television.

At 9.47pm, the first aircraft -- Flight MH5407, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (dubbed "Super Ranger") carrying 150 passengers from the old Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport at Subang and piloted by Capt Mohamad Seth Mohd Arif and co-piloted by Capt Izham Ismail -- landed.

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